September, 2015

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Story Of The Week: Refugee Response: Where Is the Spirit Of Sir Nicholas Winton?

In 2015 we are awash with entrepreneurs. They are on TV telling the rest of us how to get out there and make a living setting up businesses. But when it comes to philanthropy you dont hear a peep from any of them. Especially now, when we face a crisis in Europe not seen since the second world war. I dont see Branson or his chums hiring trains,(even now they own them), to bring war ravaged refugees from across Europe to Britain.

David Cameron should be ashamed by his response. Marginalised by the response of Germany, have we sunk so low in our own pertard, that being different in the nature of our response is more important than the help that we offer?

Mr Cameron… a focus group will not tell you the right thing to do. Your own intelligence should do that, so please show some and do something.

In 1938, Sir Nicholas Winton, a stockbroker, on a ski trip to the Alps, saw a need and acted quickly and incisively to save 669 Jewish children from the concentration camps. He didn’t look for a marketing angle. He just did it.

So Mr Branson, where is your train? You own enough of them. Why dont we clear Calais of migrants and set up a consulate to process any more that turn up…Office of three should do it at a cost of under 100K a year. Better than spending 100 million on fencing I would think.

Is it me, or does the futility of political decision making make my blood boil for everyone. Why is the easy solution never adopted’ and why do they always have an answer to a difficult question that never actually does anybody any good!

The British people that have reverence for the memory of Sir Nicholas Winton want to see a British Government that acts.

A government that fails to act is a disgrace to the memory of every remaining service man and women from the second world war and beyond. What the hell did they fight for, if not to be heard or forgotton. They fought for justice and freedom, for migrants and refugees, the unwanted and the oppressed.

In the 70th Anniversary year, remembrance through action would speak volumes more than tea parties and fly pasts.

Honour our heroes. Honour Britain and get off your arse and do something worthwhile.